Monday, October 25, 2010

A new start

A clean slate a new start.

We were discharged from the hospital yesterday around 2pm. We were greeted at home by Judd's parents and Charlotte. My dad drove down yesterday. We all had a relaxing evening and a nice steak dinner.

I didn't sleep much last night - a couple of hours. I kept listening to all of the squeaks and other noises newborns make. Just listening to him breath. I'm hoping tonight I'll be so exhuasted that I can sleep between feedings.

The second time around has been so much more relaxing. We are still in awe of it all and can't believe we actually have a second child. So far he has been a very relaxed baby. I know it is too early to get excited about that and just trying to take it one hour at a time.

Here are a few overexposed blurry pictures. When I get more mojo back in a few days, I hope to get some better ones posted.

(His eyes aren't brown, they are very dark grey/blue, not sure what color they are going to be)



We're not sure who he looks like - he just looks like Max. Does he look like Charlotte as a newborn? We don't think so at all, but you can be the judge.


Sally said...

Oh I LOVE HIS MOHAWK!!!! Thanks for the picture of his hair ;) What a cutie pie!!! I can't believe I will have to wait 2 1/2 weeks until I get to hold him and see him. Keep posting the pictures :)

Did he pee on you today?

Inkspot Workshop said...

Wow! All that hair!! Such a cutie with a perfect face and he wasn't even a C-Section? adorable!

Rachel said...

Oh my adorable!!! You have to keep the fauxhawk going!! I cannot wait to meet him in person in a few weeks!

Drena said...

Oh, goodie! I have been trying to be patient, but I will admit to going to facebook and specifically typing in your name on several occasions to see how you guys are doing! Let me know when all the fam will be gone and we'll plan to come for a visit and take Charlotte to the botanical gardens.

So nice to hear that this time around is more relaxing. ;)

Mel said...

I, like Drena, checked a lot while on vacation! Cutie!!! Hopefully it will be ok to stop by next week while I am in Atlanta :-)

Sara said...

He rivals Aunt Sally as a newborn with lots of dark hair. I can hardly wait to hold him and see Miss Charlotte. Your Grammie is coming tomorrow, Maxie!

Candy said...

WOW! What a handsome boy!!! I love the name! You look pretty darn good yourself :)

Allison D said...

I was going to say that I think he actually looks a little like is cousin up in Baltimore!

Luis Benitez said...

Congratulations Carrie and family!!!!! I took a look at the pictures of Charlotte and I think there's something there... And I've already subscribed to party of 4! Is it too early to reserve the party of 5 domain just in case? :D