Sunday, November 14, 2010

Birth Control

My sisters were in town for the weekend to visit with Max and Charlotte. Little did they know the fun stuff that was in store for them.


Not only did Charlotte's nose need wiped every 5 seconds, she came down with a stomach bug on Saturday. Sally was sitting on the couch with Charlotte after Charlotte's nap, and all of the sudden Charlotte saw her lunch for the second time - so did Sally's jeans. It was absolutely disgusting. Rachel threw Charlotte into the bath and Sally threw her jeans in the washer. Judd cleaned up the puke while Max swung happily in his swing. How did I get out of cleaning? I was actually napping when all of this went down. I came downstairs just after the madness. Charlotte would throw up one more time in the afternoon - of course she didn't hit the tile or hard woods, but the corner of the rug.

Max also had his worst night on Friday night - he must have hit a growth spurt and was up every hour and a half. Then Saturday night was up screaming for 2 hours around 3:30 AM.

I asked Sally, who has Jacob, if she was ready for another. She didn't have to think about it - it was a solid, "NO". I'm not sure what Rachel thought of all of this, but I'm doubting she went back to Baltimore ready to have a kid.

I believe they did have some fun, though. They were great and did lots of playing with Charlotte. They took her to the park a couple of times, played play doh, and had a dance party to Bon Jovi. They both got some cuddling time with Max, too.

It was a great visit and I'm so thankful that they took the time off of work to come spend the weekend with us. If there had been any weekend that we needed help, it was this one - a sick toddler and fussy baby. They got a free dose of birth control thrown in.



Allison D said...

omigoodness! That must have been a wild adventure for the aunts. Glad everyone survived and still managed to have fun. :)

Emily said...

Poor Charlotte, Rachael, and Sally. Maybe next time will be a little less eventful. I'm glad you had lots of help, though.