Monday, November 22, 2010

Max : One Month

Max is one month today. It seems like such a fast month. I know his second will fly by as well with Christmas coming up.


His one month appointment isn't until the 30th, so I don't have any stats to post. He is sleeping at least one 4-5 hour block each night - I'm just never sure when that block will be. He is starting to coo a little more. He is making much more eye contact and wants to know you are around. He is really only happy sleeping, being held, or eating. He doesn't seem to be as content as Charlotte was to just hang out in the swing or bouncy seat. I said before he was born that I might be wearing this baby a little more than I did Charlotte, and that just may be true in order for me to get anything done.

He is very sweet, though. He loves to cuddle. Today I was holding him against my chest and he put his head back in order to see who was holding him. He looked right at me with those dark blue eyes. It's like he just had to make sure his mom was still there.


Sara said...

Ahhh, he is very sweet!

Allison D said...

Can't believe it's already been one month. He is so sweet and handsome!

Al & Nina said...

He is so sweet!! Can't wait to hold him. N