Sunday, November 28, 2010


This post is late, but I have a hard time getting to the computer for more than 2 seconds these days - or I'm going to have to start typing up the posts without uppercase letters. It is hard to hit shift + a letter with a baby in one arm and a toddler tugging at the other.

Wednesday morning we started down to the lake. We took our time and stopped for lunch halfway in Macon. Kiddos were good and there was very little crying in the car. Charlotte saw cotton fields in bloom for the first time. She exclaimed, "Look at that cotton ball garden!!"

Lake Blackshear (where Judd's parents live) is controlled by a dam. Every other year or every two years, I'm not sure, they let the water way down in the Fall so people can work on their docks, etc. So, the lake is a giant mud pit. I was asked to pack Charlotte's rain boots so she could walk around in the mud pit.


Charlotte had fun with this until she fell. Then, she wasn't so sure about the mud and wanted to come back up to the dock.


We gave her the hose to wash he boots off, but she ended up washing off her entire body. She also tried to single-handedly fill the lake back up with water using the hose - terrorizing her cousin, Lilly at the same time. So, the mud wasn't a huge hit with Charlotte, but the hose definitely was. I guess 80 degree days in November have their benefits!


Not to be left out, Max had his first trip down to the dock. I forgot his mud boots, so he had to stay up on the dock with his Aunt Emily. Poor guy missed out on all the fun.


On Thanksgiving day, we headed into Albany to eat Thanksgiving dinner at Judd's grandparent's house. We were able to visit with everyone, and Max was passed around and around. Little guy didn't seem to mind, he slept through most of it. He was able to meet everyone for the first time, including his 3 great-grandparents on Judd's side.


Lunch was delicious, and the dessert table didn't disappoint. After lunch, Charlotte came up to me and said, "Mommy, I want to take a nap." What?? I couldn't believe it. What 2 year old actually asks for a nap? I had just assumed she would skip her nap that day. Well, I found a guest bed for her and tucked her in - she slept for almost two hours! At one point, I couldn't find Judd, so I went to look in on Charlotte. I found Judd.


The rest of our trip was nice. There may or may not have been a Black Friday 3AM trip to Wal Mart, that included Max, to pick out Christmas presents for Charlotte. Judd got his ultimate Black Friday deal - a Big Green Egg at the Ace Hardware in Cordele. Charlotte and her cousin Lilly played and played and played. I'm so excited to see these two grow up together - they have a blast together. Lilly is much older than Charlotte, but is so sweet to her and plays with her so well.

We came back to Atlanta on Saturday. Judd set up his Big Green Egg and smoked up some chicken wings for dinner. A great end to a great Thanksgiving.


(Yes, my baby has bare feet in a lot of these pictures, which screams child neglect, but I assure you, it really was 80 degrees!!)


Drena said...

how lucky to have 3 great grandparents!

Love the photo of her and the hose laughing.

You look great in family photo! Charlotte looks so big. How is these babies don't look like babies anymore?

Allison D said...

WHat a great post. YOu guys look so cute in that family picture. I cannot believe you made it to Wally World at 3 AM....just didn't think you were the type. ha!

Judd got a green egg! mike is going to be so jealous! He needs to check out the cooking classes at the Egg store in Tucker.

diane said...

love the family pic!