Thursday, December 9, 2010

Claiming our Evenings


We have seen some changes in Maxwell over the past week.

He hadn't been taking a pacifier. It was driving Judd and me nuts! If you tried to put one in his mouth, he would look so disgusted and spit it out - then scream as if to say, "WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING? MILK DOESN'T COME OUT OF THAT - I'M NOT STUPID!" Last week I bought one more kind of paci, we'd give it one more shot. He took it! He only takes it for a few minutes at a time, but it calms him down when he does. Praise the Lord.

Now that he is taking his paci, evenings have been a little calmer around here. Judd and I have actually eaten dinner without a baby in our arms this week. Sure, there is no lingering over the gourmet meal I cooked, but we are able to hold a conversation without shouting to each other over the screaming.

We instituted a bedtime routine for Maxwell. We give him a bath with his sister, dress him, then feed him, swaddle him, and rock him. I had given up on the swaddle with him. He fought it so hard that I just felt bad. After our nights last week of Max's party hour, I decided I'd give it another whirl. He fought it pretty hard the first night, but now he only fights it for a minute or two and conks right out. It seems to calm him down almost immediately. I think they get somewhat trained to know that swaddle means sleep.

We had been putting him down around 8:30, but last night I pushed it up and he went to sleep at 7:45!!! Charlotte went to bed at 8. Judd and I actually had an evening together! We leisurely ate ice cream and watched Modern Family and The Middle. How luxurious!

After his 7:45 bedtime, I wasn't sure how the night would go - but he slept until his usual 2 AM feeding. He went back down around 2:40 and woke up again at 4:20. That wasn't so fun, but he did sleep until 7:30 AM.

So, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We are getting there. Honestly, even if it just stays like this, I think we just might make it.


Rachel said...

So cute!! He looks like he's changed since I was there...Glad things are getting a little bit easier for you!

Emily said...

He looks like a mixture of your dad and Rachael in this picture.