Monday, December 6, 2010

Deck the halls

Well, we got our act in gear this past week and decorated for Christmas. We started gradually last Wednesday by putting up the advent calendar. I always LOVED having an advent calendar as a kid. It was so fun counting down the days until Christmas. I decided to make one for Charlotte this year. I had some Christmas paper laying around from various product shoots and had a mini envelope template. So, I made 25 little envelopes, printed some stickers, and filled them with a scripture and a treat. Charlotte loves to open them. However, she gets pretty bummed when she gets one that has stickers instead of candy.


A couple of weeks ago, before Thanksgiving, I posted on Facebook that I had already used the "Santa is watching you" line. I think my Aunt Sue read this and felt for me - so she sent me her "Elf on the Shelf". Her family has used this since my cousins were little - so he has seen a lot of naughty and nice acts, I'm sure. Charlotte named him "Jacksie". He has been moving around each day to a new spot. This past weekend he played with her trains.


I thought he would have more of an effect on her behavior - however when I said the other day that "Jacksie is watching, you better listen to Mommy", she replied with, "But he's not real." Geez. And here I thought I would have an easy December with a magic elf watching her every move.

Saturday we headed up to Thompson's Tree Farm to pick out our tree. Santa was there with Mrs. Claus. In scatter-brained Mommy fashion, I forgot my camera. However, it's good to know people in high places - like the folks that own the joint - so Natalie snapped a shot for me. Thanks Natalie!!


We hiked up the hill to pick out our tree. As we hiked Max screamed louder and louder with each step. Even though I had already fed little piggy before we left, he was hungry again. I told Judd that I was just gonna run back to the car to feed him. He shot me a look that said, "No you're not, we are picking out this tree now". I understood, it was kinda cold and Charlotte was getting a little hard to manage. So, in pioneer woman fashion, I nursed Max standing up in the middle of a Christmas tree farm. I just would kinda hide behind a tree whenever people would come up the path. Then, the hay ride tractor drove by filled with people. Judd said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, on your left the lactation exhibit". Very funny.


With our little helpers it took us all afternoon to get the tree decorated, but we did it. Mission accomplished.

Now, it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


Sara said...

Your family room looks beautiful! It sounds as if finding your Christmas tree this year will be one for the memory book!

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