Thursday, December 2, 2010


Judd and I had a hard time deciding on Maxwell Judson Davis.

From the time Judd and I decided to think about starting a family, we always referred to the future child as "JJ" for Judd Junior. When we found out Charlotte was a girl, we stopped calling her "JJ". But, when we found out I was pregnant with Max, we resumed calling the future child "JJ". Then, we saw he was indeed a "JJ", we kept that name around. He was going to be Judson Dowling Davis, JR or "JJ".

The closer the due date approached, I just wasn't sure about the name. There was only one Judd in my life, and I just couldn't wrap my brain around having another. Wasn't it going to be confusing with two Judds in the house? I just had a feeling that it wasn't his name.

So, we talked about other possibilities. We like family names, so we knew it would be a family name. Charlotte's name is a version of my father's name, so we looked to Judd's side of the family this time. His father goes by "Al", but his first name is actually Maxwell. It is his grandfather's name as well. Two men that anyone could be proud to name their child after - men that set great examples for how to be a father.

So, on the way to the hospital, we set it in stone, Maxwell Judson Davis "Max".

Here is Little Max with Medium Max & Large Max as they were dubbed at Thanksgiving. He is also here with his daddy - all namesakes accounted for - as well as 4 generations of Davis men.



m said...

I love this! It reminds me of Owen. Matt and his grandfather both had it as a middle name. We were even lucky enough to get a picture of all four together. Thanks for this post - I think it may have given me a Christmas idea.

Sara said...

What a beautiful picture and sentiment! I am so glad you captured that special moment in time. Life is so, so precious-I have been thinking a lot about that lately.

Al & Nina said...

Thank you, this means more to us than you know. N

Emily said...

I love all of those Max's. Little Max is in very good company.

Carrie Beth said...

I love family names and enjoyed reading about how Max got his name!