Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life and Stuff

Life around here changes by the minute, crazy hectic one minute, calm and peaceful the next.

One of those calm, peaceful moments yesterday - we had a pizza party. My hostess definitely had the mostess.


The weather has been AMAZING the past few days. The kind of weather that reminds you why you live in Atlanta. It has given Charlotte the chance to eat lunch outside at her new picnic table.


In the past 2 days, Max has fallen asleep unassisted (other than his thumb) in his crib for naps. (I'm beginning to find his thumb sucking the cutest thing in the world) Naps that are actually longer than 20 minutes. Hallelujah! I just may get something done these days. Or get to play with Charlotte's doll house. (with her of course)


Speaking of Max, guess who tried his jumperoo for the first time today?


I think he liked it.


The Oak Grove Young Children's School consignment sale is quickly approaching. Since Max is indeed a boy, I decided to consign a lot of Charlotte's clothes. I'm a little overwhelmed. I didn't realize there were 7 bins of clothing up in the attic. It is embarrassing, actually. That child had SO.MANY.CLOTHES. And, I'm not taking the total blame for it. (ahem, Sara & Nina)


I can only consign 30 items that are 0-9months, I think I have well over 200 items? I think I have 30 items alone that still have the tags on them. So, if you know any little girls that need some 6-9 month summer stuff, please send them my way.

It has been a little difficult going through all of them. Difficult, emotionally. I can still picture Charlotte's little baby self in a lot of them - and the shoes, oh, how I love the shoes. It just really won't be the same dressing a boy.

I called the one person that I knew would tell me to sell the stuff and not keep it - the Queen of Getting Rid of Sentimental Stuff - my mother. Only for her to tell me, "why don't you keep it, you might have another one?" Nope, won't have another one. But, I will keep one box of the things I just can't part with yet.


Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

i know our girls are close in age but if you have any 2t/3t stuff for summer you want to sale, just let me know! :-)

Mel said...

You can call my mom...she keeps everything :-) Hence my clutter issue!

The Johnsons said...

He looks so much like Judd in the jumperoo photos. Wow!

Carrie Beth said...

Oh my, I can totally relate to you with all of the clothes. I know we aren't going to have another girl, but I still cannot separate with them yet. I have a feeeling I'll end up hanging on to a lot of them for a while. I'll end up selling some of it, but keeping some too. I have some classing clothing my mom saved that used to mine when I was little and I loved having those now. Oh, and I love your little thumb sucker. Harper is a thumb sucker and it is the greatest/easiest thing because she always has it with her.