Friday, April 15, 2011

Catch Up

4 posts so far for April. That is pretty awful. We have been super busy with lots of travel the past couple of weeks. That combined with my little part time job with and a photography session last weekend - has left little time for this blog. That makes me pretty sad. I realized this week that I missed Minute with Max last week. Don't worry, I have a good one to post tomorrow for this week.


Spring break for us was good. We just hung out Monday and Tuesday. We had some play dates, had a picnic at Stone Mountain, and stayed in our pajamas all morning, it was nice and relaxing.

Wednesday morning Max, Charlotte, and I flew up to PA to be with my parents for a couple of days. It was my first time to travel with both of them by myself. It went pretty well. We made it through the airport just fine - Max in a baby carrier and Charlotte walked along beside me. The plane ride was good - Max slept and Charlotte watched numerous shows on the iPad while eating her peanuts and drinking apple juice. Mom came to pick us up after she was done teaching.


We had a nice visit with my parents. Both of my parents had to work, but we were able to visit with them a lot in the afternoons and evenings. I took Charlotte over to their Monkey Joe's on Thursday morning. We visited my mom's classroom on Friday morning. There was a visit to Chick-Fil-A and to the "ice cream store". Charlotte mostly followed my mom around the house each afternoon "helping" with whatever chores my mom was working on at the time. She also may have been tickled by Granddad a bunch.

After a somewhat stressful Friday afternoon of not knowing whether we would get on the flight or not - we got the last 2 seats. whew! Judd met us at the gate when we landed and took us home.

Judd left for Lima, Peru on Sunday. I had plans to fly up with Max to Boston this past Tuesday. Kristina Young of Kristina Young Photography, offered to mentor me for a day. I took her up on it. Luckily, Judd's mom was able to come and watch Charlotte for me on Tuesday and Wednesday. I took Max with me.

So, Max and I flew up and made it to Kristina's house around lunchtime. We had a whirlwind trip - I think I was there for less than 24 hours, but I learned a lot. I worked with Kristina at IBM and have followed her blog for a while. It was so much fun to meet her family that I see online so often. I was able to visit her new photography studio that she recently opened. I was even able to briefly take part in a newborn session she shot there Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, Max was really cranky Wednesday morning, so I held him more than I held my camera.

We flew standby home. It didn't go as well as I would have hoped it would. The flights from Boston to Atlanta were all oversold. So, we ended up having to connect through LaGuardia in NYC. Not fun. Add in some weather delays and we ended up traveling from 11:15AM to 9:15PM. I'm not sure I've ever been so happy to pull into the garage.

Max is now a little under the weather and hasn't been sleeping well. He ran a fever the night we got back from Boston. I took him to the doctor the next day and he had the beginnings of an ear infection. His first. Poor guy. We have been giving him his first doses of antibiotics, so I hope he is on the mend. He is pretty darn pitiful when he is sick.

I came back from my parent's house to fully bloomed azalea bushes in our backyard. Charlotte said, "want to take my picture by them?" Why yes I do!



Allison D said...

I've been waiting to hear how the trips went! Can't wait to hear more about them. Sounds like you guys were both troopers.

Sorry about Max's ear infection...poor guy. Mr. Marshall is the ear infection king, as you fun.

Drena said...

Wow, you guys have been busy! Change of pace is sometimes nice, but it is always nice to be back home too!