Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Magical Age

At Charlotte's 3 year check up, they gave me a hand out explaining some things about a 3 year old. Just some tips for disciplining, etc. At the bottom it talked about how this was the beginning of a "magical age". That their imaginations would really start to grow and they would start pretending.

At the time, I scoffed and couldn't imagine a time with her that would be magical. Around the time she turned 3, we had a rough couple of months. Multiple full blown tantrums daily. The likes of which I hadn't seen before from her. She would just be SO furious. The more people I talked to, the more I heard that 3 was way worse than 2 ever was for their children. Changing classes at school could have affected her more than I thought - or it could have also had something to do with a certain someone coming into the picture as well:


But over the past month or so, something has happened. She has turned into this little girl. This wonderful, delightful, funny (oh so funny) little girl. Judd and I have commented numerous times over the past couple of weeks about how much we just want to be with her. When I was in Boston for those 2 days last week, I found myself really missing her.

Now, we still have tantrums - but they are few and far between. We still have some moodiness and whining, but it is much less frequent.

I'm really starting to see why this age could be called "magical". She walks around talking and singing to herself. She is awesome at pretending, and LOVES to play with her dollhouse. (Especially with her dad)

We have been having lots of fun lately being "fairies". She was a party fairy a couple of weeks ago and threw a huge party for her baby dolls. She wasn't the best hostess, though - I'm not sure the dolls were ever offered any of the hor o'dourves.




Then yesterday, her teachers gave her a magic wand and gloves in her Easter basket from school. This morning she picked out her fairy outfit, complete with gloves and magic wand. Then, she went around granting me whatever wish I wanted. When Max took his nap, we spent almost an hour cutting out fairy wings from a cardboard box and decorating them. She wore them around all morning.



(I was so loving that curl in the middle of her face this morning)

(It is so funny to me that I was given such a girly girl. I'm not sure I ever played with a doll growing up. But, I'm embracing my inner pink, glittery girl and rolling with it.)

I'm loving every minute of this new phase she has entered. She brings so much life to our house every day. Sure, we still have our moments, but overall, things have been going pretty smoothly around here during the days. Now, if we could just get Max to sleep at night!


Emily said...

FYI- Bunny ears make excellent fairy wings. Just ask Lilly.

Sarah said...

Precious. She is just adorable! I so remember that stage with Kathryn...reading this made me miss it :( She does still walk around whistling, though :)

*Jess* said...

Three is a magical age! I love their personalities at 3 and their imaginations! But I agree... 3 can be harder than 2! They have opinions and don't always understand why they need to obey. Don't worry, you can reason with a 4 year old better :)