Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mommy & Me Egg Hunt


Yesterday, Drena hosted an egg hunt. The storms from the night before made way for a gorgeous morning. The grass wasn't too wet, so the kiddos were able to "hunt" for eggs outside.

We munched on doughnuts and muffins while the kids played and the grown-ups visited. Max sat around looking cute.


Then, the eggs were strategically hidden.

Everyone lined up and then they were off!


Charlotte had been practicing all morning with her Dad - she was a pro at this point. There was just one small problem. When she realized that these eggs actually had candy in them, she became distracted. She would pick one up, shake it, then open it to see what was inside. Meanwhile, the kids around her were scooping up the eggs.

After she managed to get a few, I gave in and she ate some candy. I think if she had only found one egg she wouldn't have cared too much - she was just thrilled with eating candy before lunch. Thanks for the egg hunt Drena!



*Jess* said...

her dress is adorable! And Max does a great job of sitting around looking cute!

Drena said...

So happy your guys could come! Loved their outfits! Think I'm totally going to take a photo of Oliver tomorrow sitting on my front it!

Carrie Beth said...

Makes me excited for our egg hunts this week! Love their adorable bunny outfits too!