Friday, May 13, 2011

The everyday

That's what's been going on around here - just the everyday stuff. Charlotte has school on Mon, Wed, and Fri. mornings. We have Music Class on Tuesday mornings. Thursday is our free day. Music class has two more weeks, school is over next week. I've had mild panic attacks this past week wondering what I will do all summer without school. Lots of moms are so excited not to have a routine to stick to - not me.

I feel like lately I've been spending a lot of my time sitting Max back up after he creeps onto his stomach, trying to get that toy just out of reach, and then remembers he doesn't like it on his stomach. He is in that extremely frustrating stage - for both mother and child - the one where he wants to move, but just can't figure it out. I'm not too excited to have him mobile - I know my life will get that much harder - but, I'm really ready for him to not need me to pick him up every 5 seconds.

I've also been spending a lot of time playing doll house with Charlotte. If I haven't already said it, hands down the best purchase we've made for her to date. She LOVES to play. Except, sometimes its more like she just wants you to put on a show for her. She says, "you be the girls, I'll be the boys." But when it comes time for one of the boys to speak or do something - she magically now "is the girls". Some of the story lines are just ridiculous. However, I learn a lot about myself when I play with her - it's pretty funny scary to hear her be the "mommy".

I've also been pretty busy with the part time job I have. I work for Stacy at InkSpot Workshop. She set me up with a printer and all of the supplies I need. She then sends over orders she gets and I print everything, cut it, package it, and ship it. I get a percentage of every order that I process. It isn't going to pay the mortgage, but it does help out around here to give us a little extra spending money.

(started this post yesterday afternoon - just finishing this morning)

I have also been struggling to complete my blog books for 2009 & 2010. I was completely done with the 2009 book, and something is corrupted in it, so I can't get it uploaded - very frustrating. After a week of working with the Blurb support team, I'm going to have to start over. So bummed.

So that is what we've been up to. Judd and I leave in 2 weeks for 4 blissful kid-free nights in Key West. I'm counting down the minutes. I'm also starting to collect some activity ideas to keep Charlotte busy this summer. Also, maybe a Max Alphabet book?

I don't think I'll be bored any time soon.

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