Monday, May 2, 2011

The weekend

We had such a nice time this past weekend. The weather was BEAUTIFUL - so we spent a lot of time outside enjoying it.

We started the weekend Friday afternoon with some time at our favorite park. Charlotte calls it the "Park with the big purple slide". That is it's official name. :)


Saturday morning, Judd went to the "work day" at our pool. While he was doing hard labor, I was hanging out with Charlotte and Max. When he got home we ate a quick lunch and headed over to the Inman Park festival. We decided to take MARTA down there rather than try to find a place to park. It worked out really well. We got there just in time for the parade.

Earlier in the day, Charlotte asked if we had to be quiet during the parade. Judd told her that she could be as loud as she wanted during the parade. So, she decided to take her train whistle with her. She had a great time eating her frozen lemonade, dancing, and trying to catch all of the candy that was thrown her way.


After the parade we walked around and found the kid's area. Both Charlotte and Max were really well behaved. Max lost it for a few minutes while we waited for the MARTA train to come home - but quickly recovered. Both kids were WORN OUT! They crashed that night. (I might have crashed too!)

Sunday we went to church. After church and lunch - we some how coordinated it so that we all got a nap. Charlotte cuddled with me in my bed. I loved every minute of it. Sunday evening, we went to Charlotte's school's Spring Picnic. Varsity came and catered it. There were bouncy houses, a cake walk, and other fun games. Once again - we had two worn out kids when we got home.

It was a busy, but really wonderful Spring weekend.

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