Monday, June 27, 2011



Sunday morning Max was baptized. What a special moment in a baby's life. Not only are your parents promising to bring you up in the church, but the church promises to help them. The church promises to teach Max in Sunday School, to be there when he is confirmed, to support him as a youth.

Every time I walked in to teach the 2 year old Sunday school class this past year, I thought of all of the babies that are baptized. I thought of all of the times I repeated the words promising to be involved in those lives.

He was surrounded by family and friends - and just so loved.


(His outfit was smocked by my mom. She smocked Charlotte's & Jacob's - they all match)

After the service, we headed back to our house for some lunch. My parents, Judd's parents, Emily, Frank, Katie, Lilly, and Allison. Max ate his weight in watermelon and pasta salad. The rest of us chowed down on Judd's amazing pulled pork. The three older cousins played and then went to the pool to swim while Max snoozed for a bit.

A great day centered around a great little guy.


Rachel said...

He looks so incredibly adorable!! I am glad you had such a nice day.

Carrie Beth said...

What a special day for your little guy and your whole family. Loved his sweet smocked outfit! Your mom did an amazing job and I love that it matched Charlotte's.

Allison D said...

He was adorable in his special outfit...and the star of the show in church! Thanks for letting me be a part of his big day.