Sunday, June 5, 2011




Friday night, your sister and daddy stayed at the pool an extra hour. It was your dinner time, so I brought you home. I fed you dinner, bathed you, then we played in your room. It was just you and me.

You have started to pull up on things. While we played after your bath, you pulled up to your knees on the rocker's ottoman in your room. I hid behind the other side of the ottoman and would then play peek-a-boo with you. You laughed and laughed. Full belly laughs. I laughed and laughed too. Then, you pulled all the way up to your feet and just laughed and laughed again - so happy with your new skill.

It was a wonderful moment, and one that's locked in my memory. I'll never forget your little smile and laugh peeking over that ottoman. One of the first times you and I played a "game" together.

I love you little man. I love your smile - it's never far away. I love your laugh. I love the personality I see developing in you.

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