Thursday, July 14, 2011

Country Fried Steak & Chocolate Cake

Judd's 32nd birthday was yesterday. I decided to surprise him with country fried steak or cubed steak like his grandmother made - which he loves. I emailed his grandmother earlier in the week and asked for her recipe. Like all good dishes that grandmothers make, she didn't have a recipe - but wrote out how she made it.

It was edible - my sweet husband even ate two servings. But, I'm pretty sure it didn't live up to her standards.


The chocolate cake, though, I believe Charlotte and I hit that one out of the ballpark. She did more taste testing than actual helping, but she did keep me company at least.


We rounded off the evening with a couple of homemade cards. Charlotte's was extra special - for the first time she signed her own name. I had to tell her which letter came next, and help her with the "R", but she wrote all of the other letters. It was pretty cool.

Happy Birthday Judd.

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Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Judd.