Tuesday, August 16, 2011


1. Allison is in the hospital now waiting for baby girl to come. I've been waiting by my phone for a text saying she's here. Can't wait.

2. My dad is working in Greenville, SC. this week. My mom came down with him. She drove to our house yesterday, spent the night, and left after lunch today. As always, it was a wonderful visit. I wish she was 2 hours away all of the time and visits like that were more often.

3. Now that Max is taking bottles all of the time, big sis is starting to help out. She was VERY proud of her ability to give him a bottle this morning.


4. Charlotte starts school in 13 days. Two words: I'm ready. I knew August would be a long, hot month. August for preschoolers is hard. Public schools go back early August, so the pool closes in the mornings, the libraries stop having story times, there are no camps, and it's too hot for the park - what's a mom to do??

5. Judd and I had 2 date nights last weekend. We had two lovely dinners - even though the 2nd night was not the restaurant we originally thought we would go to. We saw The Help one night. I loved it. I bought new running shoes the other night out.

6. I'm slowly building up my running again. It feels awesome.

7. We have decided to refinance to a 15 year mortgage. The rates are SO low it is incredible. Can you imagine that if we stay in this house we will have it paid off by the time Charlotte goes to college?? This probably means that #5 above won't be happening too much more for the next couple of years. :)

8. Judd spent half the weekend taking down a section of our fence and replacing it. It looked a lot of time, but it looks fabulous.

9. I began my 33rd year last Thursday. It was the day after I wrote this post: She. I opened my email and my mom sent me this beautiful note:


Is 32 tomorrow at 6:31 PM
Made me a Mother
Made me a Mom
Made me a Grandmother
Made me a Mother-in-Law
Makes me so incredibly proud of the way she is a Mother that I think, "I must have done something right!"
Makes her dad and me feel such joy today and everyday since she was born
Makes us know that the world will be ok when we are gone because she is in it
Makes us remember the first time we looked into her tiny face that evening of August 11th-we thought our hearts would explode with love and awe and thankfulness, little angel so fresh from God

Let's just say Judd had to pass me a Kleenex or 500.

10. Judd's Aunt Pam needs prayers. She has been battling colon cancer - now other cancer - such as lung, liver, etc - for years. She is struggling. Please pray for her and the rest of the family.


Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

hey girl!! let me know AS SOON AS she has baby s. okay?
twougaalums @ bellsouth *dot* net

*Jess* said...

Happy Birthday :)

Drena said...

yes, keep us posted on baby news!

What a sweet email from your mom. Love it! Print it and put it somewhere so you will stumble on it again and again! I love when I do that.

Congrats on 15 year mortgage! I did that on my smyrna house and have never regretted it. :)