Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last Day of Summer

Today was the last unofficial day of summer for Charlotte. School starts tomorrow. (Do you hear the angels singing??)

Anyway, we decided to have a nice afternoon out as a family. Charlotte, Max, and Judd are all suffering from some sort of cold - Max and Judd mostly. They seemed to be doing better today, so I suggested we go to Stone Mountain for a hike.

We parked at the playground and let the kiddos roam around for a while.


Charlotte discovered that she could go down the big pole like the big kids. Fortunately, Judd was there to slow her down.


After some playground time, we headed out on the hike. Charlotte had packed her "telescope" and she said she would "spot the wildlife".


There were stones to jump

and big "fan leafs" to fan ourselves with.


Max was just along for the ride. He's not quite up to hiking yet.


After the hike, we were a little parched and thought a trip to Sonic would be in order.


A very fun afternoon rounded out with bacon wrapped, pecan crusted pork tenderloin on the Big Green Egg for dinner. It was SO good. Judd's really getting the hang of this BGE thing.

Tomorrow, Charlotte will start her 5 day 3 year old class - she is a Zebra. Here's to hoping she loves this year as much as she did last year - or more!

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Allison D said...

I wish we were closer to stone mountain...loved that place as a kid too!

Hope today is a success! Love ya.