Tuesday, August 9, 2011



(Yes, he's eating a page of stickers - whatever has to be done in the name of capturing a picture)

Sunday night we were over at Dave & Erin's. All of the sudden, Max let go of a chair and walked 3 steps to a table. After much screaming from the adults, we pulled him back to the chair to see if he would do it again. Sure enough, he did. Then, he did it again, then again - you get the idea. His first official set of steps. It came out of nowhere. Maybe it had something to do with the very energetic 3 year old girls he was trying to chase around.

He has done a little more "walking" the past couple of days, but his main mode of transportation is still crawling. That's just fine with me. I'm not sure I'm ready for my baby to begin this biped chapter just yet.



Allison D said...

oh boy, oh boy! I KNEW it was coming. I could just see it last week. Go Max GO!

*Jess* said...

that is so exciting!

Sally said...

You have to come up soon! Jacbo is WALKING now too. He started when he was home last week but is all over at daycare this week and is now walking all around the house. When these two cousins get together at Grammie's next time they are going to be trouble :) I can't wait!