Monday, November 21, 2011

Charlotte's First Game

Judd took Charlotte to her first Georgia game on Saturday. We made the mistake of telling Charlotte Friday night that she would be going with her dad - but only if she wanted to, of course. Well, of course she wanted to! Not because she deeply loves the bulldogs, bleeds red and black, yada yada yada - but because she knows they have cotton candy there. Now that is something she would walk across burning coals for.

So, since we told her Friday night, she was up VERY early on Saturday chomping at the bit to go. Judd said that she was really good and they had a good time together, but by the time they got to the game and she had consumed her cotton candy - she looked like this for the remainder:


She basically wanted to wiggle around in the seat, lean on him, sit on his lap, lay across the bleachers, you get the point. So, they left at half time. He had to carry her the whole way back to the intramural fields. (quite a long distance) She then slept the hour back to Atlanta.

She declared when she walked through the door that she wouldn't go back to a game until she was 5. That way she would never get tired.

I think Judd agrees.


Allison D said...

Ohmigoodness. I was wondering how it went! Cracks me up.

Carrie Beth said...

We've been wanting to take the kids to a game, but haven't made it there yet. Maybe next year we will take Handley, when she is 5. :-)


Maybe she was just upset about the fashion statement she was making with that hairdo!