Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween started really early - around 4:45 AM for me - with a crying baby. That's a pretty scary way to start Halloween. Max ended up going back to sleep, but I was up. So, I searched around on pinterest and found a couple of Halloween inspired breakfasts. Charlotte woke up to Jack-O-Lantern cinnamon rolls. She was pretty psyched. That started a steady stream of sugar in her veins that lasted until late this afternoon.

She had her Halloween party at school. I really wanted to attend, but Max was still asleep at 10:15 AM when it started. I couldn't bear to wake him up to go to a party that would last about 15 minutes. She understood.

After school we hung out and rested up for the big night. Late afternoon, Erin brought Ella and Emma over. We hung out and played, then Erin and I cooked the girls a very scary dinner. Mummy dogs with blood for dipping, scary mouths, not so scary Fall leaves, and super cute owls. It was a hit! Little Max ate an entire Mummy Dog.


After the trick-or-treaters were fueled up and ready to go, we got them dressed in their costumes and out the door for a picture op. (Max wouldn't sit still for this)


Remember this? so, so cute

After the pictures, it was time to head to the parade.


There was a certain cowboy that line danced all around the col-de-sac before the parade.



After the parade, the Himes family headed back to their neighborhood to trick-or-treat, Judd took Charlotte around our neighborhood, and I headed back to the house with Max. To say Charlotte was excited to trick-or-treat would be the understatement of the year. She was beaming from ear to ear. After she mader her way around the neighborhood, she came up to our door with a full bag of candy. She immediately dumped it out on the floor and picked a pack of Nerds to eat. Judd and I were eyeing the snickers bars. She wanted to stay up to "serve" people candy. But, it was getting so late. So, I took her up to get a shower. As soon as she got undressed, a group of kids came to the door. Such was her luck for "serving" candy to the trick-or-treaters. It was a fun Halloween through Charlotte's eyes. It was the first year that she REALLY got into it. She was into it last year, but she seemed so much more excited this year. Judd and I loved it. halloween6

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