Saturday, December 10, 2011



Today was a long awaited day. A LOOOOONG awaited day. Charlotte finally got to go to the Nutcracker with her Grandmother and cousins, Katie and Lilly. Grandmother has been taking the grandchildren to the Nutcracker each year after they turn 4. She made an exception this year for Charlotte since she is sooooo close to being 4.

Judd's parents came up to our house yesterday. Judd's mom took Charlotte up to Emily & Frank's so Charlotte could spend the night with her cousins. From what I heard, Charlotte had a fabulous time playing with Lilly & Katie. She even got to sleep in Lilly's bed with her. What a treat! (poor Lilly!)

Judd's dad stayed with us and took care of Max while Judd and I went to his work party on Friday night. Then he watched Max for us Saturday morning while Judd and I did some Christmas shopping. They were great buddies. It was a huge help. Judd and I were able to get a lot of our shopping done, relatively stress free. We had a nice visit with him which included a fun lunch out and a trip to the park today.

Today Judd's mom traveled down to the Fox with the girls - all dressed up, ready to see some ballet. I heard that Charlotte did very well. She paid attention to the first act, then fell asleep at the end of intermission and stayed asleep through the entire second act.

Tonight, after her bath, she gave us a performance of what she learned at the ballet today. She even got her Nutcracker (that grandmother gave her the day before) and had Judd pretend he was the little brother that broke the Nutcracker and I was the "toy fixer" that fixed it. Not positive that's actually part of the performance, but she was pretty believable.

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Emily said...

What a fun day. I think Charlotte had a lot of fun with her cousins, and I know they had lots of fun with her. Katie and Lilly keep repeating things that Charlotte said over the weekend. Lilly said, "Charlotte, I cleaned my room before you came and now it is really messy. Maybe we should clean it up." Charlotte told her," That's what happens when you have visitors." Lilly has laughed and laughed about that. We think Charlotte is hilarious.