Sunday, January 15, 2012


I put Max to bed on Friday night and thought that he felt a little warm, but didn't worry too much about it. He has been getting a molar, and has had a cold, so I just figured it was something to go along with that. Saturday morning, however, he woke up and was a little cranky. Then, he took a REALLY long morning nap, like over 3 hours. Judd woke him up, took his temp, and it was over 103. I gave him some Tylenol, fed him a little yogurt and bananas, and he rallied. He played for a while, but then just wanted to cuddle. This is how he looked the rest of the afternoon - just cuddled up on a lap with his paci and blankie. This is NOT like Max at all.


After dinner, we took his temp again, still 103 - upwards of 104. So, we decided that I should take him up to the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Urgent Care. I got there, signed him in, and saw the wait time - 2.5 hours. Yikes. At this point it was his bedtime. I tried to find the quietest corner in the waiting room hoping that he would drift off to sleep until we were called back. Well, he sat there for a few minutes, but then saw all of the other children running around like chickens with their heads cut off and decided he wanted in on the party.

After an hour or so of constantly applying Purell to his hands and mine, we were called back. (so the wait time wasn't accurate.) They took his vitals. His temp was now 105. They handed me dose of Ibuprofen to give to him since he was screaming and thrashing about. I gave as much to him as I could, but he spit a lot of it out. They also gave me a baby hospital robe and told me to put that on him instead of his pajamas to try to cool him down. I was then sent back out into the waiting room until and exam room opened up. Now, his temp was high, but I knew this wasn't super serious. But, I hope none of you ever have to see your baby in a hospital gown.


We got an exam room and waited through the first part of The Little Mermaid. At this point, Max finally fell asleep in my arms. A WONDERFUL nurse practitioner came in and talked to us. She then checked his ear and found a pretty bad ear infection. She then checked his throat and saw a bunch of sores. She took a strep test and we then waited for the results. Max and I watched Ariel sing some songs and meet Price Eric, then found out that he indeed had strep throat. Yikes, an ear infection and strep throat. I felt so bad for my baby. (but remembered how much I love the Little Mermaid!)

We got our prescription for an antibiotic and headed on our way. I put Max to bed when we got home and Judd went out to get his medicine. We woke Max up when Judd got home and gave him a dose. This morning, he slept until a record breaking 8:30AM. He was a new kid.

His smile was back. His laugh was back. His appetite, not so much, but he was moving a lot more, and up to his usual monkey-self. Like climbing onto my desk chair.



Made it!


Hmm, now what? What is this thing that Mom pays attention to instead of me?


Oh yes, this is how I mess up all of her stuff.


By dinner tonight he was pretty much 100%. We are happy to have our Maxwell back.


Allison D said...

Poor max! I'm glad it was worth the wait Saturday night. There have several times I have bolted from that urgent care because the wait was so long and it was crawling with sick kids everywhere.

Sally said...

I'm so glad Max is back to himself. Poor little guy.

Rebecca said...

Poor guy! I'm glad he's feeling better! I can relate to the sad feeling of the little hospital gown. We had to take Liam to the ER when he was 12 months old - interestingly, also for a 105 fever. His was just a generic "virus", so we left with really nothing, other than to ride it out.