Thursday, March 22, 2012

An Update

Where have we been?

I had the worst cold of my life - really - last week. I went up to PA for my grandmother's memorial. Which was so well done, but so very sad. I flew back on Saturday night so I could run the half marathon with Erin that I had trained 12 weeks for. I was up coughing most of the night on Saturday, but thought I could get through the half on Sunday morning. I picked Erin up, got all the way to the Start line and realized it just wasn't happening. So, I drove home very depressed. (Erin did great, though!). I was glad I didn't push myself because Sunday I still just wasn't feeling well. I called Judd's mom and she was up to our house that night to help me out on Monday.

Max started to run a fever on Monday. He was just not himself. On the playground after we picked Charlotte up from school, he came to me and wanted to be held. I picked him up and he just put his head on my shoulder - SO not Max. I was able to sleep on Monday afternoon and feel almost fully recovered. I'm not sure if this is a cold, or the flu, or what - but whatever it is - it totally wipes you out.

He has been running a fever pretty much ever since. It got to be between 103-105 most of the day yesterday and all of Tuesday night. Last night I spent the night on the couch with him - luckily he ended up sleeping some. He hasn't eaten hardly anything in a few days. He has been drinking some, and I was able to get some smoothie in him this morning. He seems to be doing better this morning, and I'm hoping he'll continue to improve throughout the day today. Fingers crossed.

I'm sorry that this is kind of a depressing post. But, it has just been kind of depressing around here. I'm surprised Judd even comes home to work when he has to face a couple of sickies. He has been awesome, by the way. He took last Friday off to take care of the kids so I could be with my family. Then, he has let me sleep through the night and dealt with Max. He has gotten up with him early in the mornings. He is so wonderful the way that he doesn't care if he comes home and the house is a wreck and dinner is yet to be determined. He just goes with the flow.

I'll leave you with a few pictures I found last weekend that I love. Someone was a photographer - I'm thinking it was my Grandpop. Every family needs one. Pictures mean so much when it's all you have left.

My mom and my Grammie - my mom is pregnant with me.

Why do grandparents find it so hilarious to give babies drinks they are not supposed to have?

My mom and my Grammie helping me learn to walk.

Grammie reading to me.



Drena said...

sorry for the bad week! Those stink.

OMG, I didn't realize how much Charlotte favors YOU! Totally shocked!

Mel said...

I was going to say that Max looks just like you but I also see how Charlotte does look a lot like you when I see these pics of you as a child!