Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Sunday

So I didn't get to this post on Monday when I thought I would. I was given a few new projects with work and those take precedence I'm afraid. Don't worry, the cuteness you're about to see is worth the wait :)

Sunday morning started early as usual with Max waking up well before dawn. He and I made our way downstairs. After a few minutes he noticed his Easter basket. He ate a piece of chocolate, then wanted to eat the entire basket worth. (which wasn't much!). I wouldn't let him, so he woke everyone else up with the screaming. The Easter Bunny brought a hula hoop for Charlotte - along with some chocolate - and she was excited. She has been asking for a hula hoop for a while. Although, I did hear her say when she was done looking through her basket, "huh, just a few stuff". Some days I just can't win.

We all got dressed and went to the early service at church. The service was very nice. Max screamed his way through the nursery and ended up in the children's ministries office to help them with "projects". I'm not sure when his screaming days will be over, but I'm hoping it's just around the corner. It makes for stressful Sunday mornings.

After church we headed to the backyard for some photo ops.



VERY rare eye contact, smile for the camera action.


Be still my heart.


Had to include the hula hoop of course!


While Judd was smoking our ham on the Big Green Egg, we put together the sides for Easter lunch. Once those were finished, we moved on to bunny cake making and egg dyeing.



After a wonderful Easter lunch most of us took naps. Charlotte and I slept for almost an hour and a half - unheard of around here! It was wonderful. Mom and I took the kids up to the park while Judd and my dad watched the Masters. Dad ended up meeting us up at the park a little later.

After dinner, Mom and I surprised Max and Charlotte with a trip to the "ice cream store". This was Max's first real ice cream cone. To say he loved it would be an understatement. Charlotte was a pro and ate hers without a drip.




It was a wonderful Easter.

My parents left on Monday. We were really sad to see them go. Now it is back to reality after Spring Break. It won't last long, though - we are headed to the Keys on Saturday!


Rachel said...

Oh my gosh...those pictures are gorgeous!! Looks like you all had a wonderful Easter!!

Al & Nina said...

Love the pictures!! The children are sooooooo cute. What a happy Easter all of you had.