Thursday, May 3, 2012

Max's first sentence

Now that I have finished all 3 books of the Hunger Games, I am able to get back to blogging. (I'm not sure the last time I completed 3 books in 3 weeks, but it was probably middle school.)


I predict that Max's first sentence will be, "Let's go, mama".

My mom gave Max the gift of music for Christmas - she gave me the money to enroll him in Music Class. Charlotte had such an awesome time doing Music class that I thought surely Max would too. Not so much.

We usually arrive and walk in without any tears - but about 10-15 minutes into it, he bolts for the door and cries. Then, I go over and coax him back to the group. He tolerates it for a few minutes, then bolts back to the door. This goes on for about 15 minutes until he just cries regardless of what we are doing. So, not wanting to get even more dirty looks from the other mothers with children that behave, we leave.

Music class isn't the only place he does this. This happens in story time at the library too. He plays, listens to books, but when he's ready, he's ready. He goes to the door and looks at me as if to say, "Let's go, mama".

I'm not used to having a child that doesn't like to do stuff like Music Class and story time. Charlotte can get excited about anything and loves to be involved. Max, I have yet to figure out what exactly he wants to be doing. But, I think it is wandering around outside - especially at a play ground. He's just happy being free to do what he wants - mostly keeping me on my toes. Little stinker.



Alison said...

Free and independent- sounds like you are raising a great little boy! I love the picture of him on the bench.

Carrie Beth said...

From friends with older boys, it sounds like he is all boy!

BTW- I'm loving the Hunger Games books too. :-)

Rachel said...

He's so cute! The Hunger Games books are soooo addicting! One day I almost called in sick to work to finish one of them.

Drena said...

oh, I had one that didn't like group activities for like 2 years so I feel your pain. As you know, they change! I found comfort in not wasting my money on signing him up for stuff, but at the same time I felt a little bitterness too. These boys....