Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Co-op Camp

Last Spring I approached a couple of moms at Charlotte's school about putting together a Co-op Camp this Summer. They all seemed interested, so we have been sending emails back and forth planning for this week.

There are 5 moms and their kids participating. The plan is that we each take a day to "teach" the kids about a particular theme. So each person takes a day, but then you send your kid(s) to the other houses the rest of the week. Since the Olympics are happening this week, we decided on that for the theme. Then, we each took a different country that is participating in the Olympics. I chose England.

I picked the first day to have the kids over to my house. I wanted to have that part over with! The morning went great. Honestly, Max was the hardest one to manage. The kids were excited just to be together, so they mostly just ran around the house playing. I had some crafts planned, but they didn't really want to do them. They did make a Union Jack flag out of some strips of construction paper that I pre-cut. But one of the kids told me, "I don't really like arts and crafts".

We played out in the col-de-sac for a while. It was a cloudy day and not too hot. I also mixed up some chalk paint. They had a good time squirting and painting with that.

They started to get hungry, so we came in and decorated some Olympic ring sugar cookies. They each picked a color and spread the icing around. Then, we put them together to make the Olympic rings. As you can imagine, this activity was a hit. They ate their cookies, along with some peaches, for snack.

We tried to do a water balloon fight, but I couldn't get the balloons filled up fast enough and they lost interest while waiting. I should have filled them the night before.

They ended up playing their own game of Princesses and Knights which involved chasing each other around the house.

After two days, I think we would deem the week successful so far. It will be interesting to see how Friday goes!

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