Thursday, August 2, 2012

Muddy Buddies

Yesterday, after a snack of popsicles, we were just hanging out in the backyard. I filled up the water table and they were helping water the plants. I was surfing the web on my iPhone. Life was good.

I heard some quiet giggles and realized that I hadn't heard any fighting for a while. Rarely a good sign. I looked over and saw my children covered in mud. Charlotte had decided to dig some of the red clay up and then pour a bunch of water all over it. Max sat right down and played in it. Luckily they were already pretty much naked. I removed their shirts after they got popsicle all over them. I figured it could hurt, and they were having fun, so I ran in and got the camera.





I turned the hose back on and filled up our little pool. After some splashing around the two little piggies were cleaned off and able to come inside.

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