Monday, September 10, 2012

A Walk in the Woods

Disclaimer: I have lost complete control these days about what my children are wearing. It is a battle I've surrendered to. For example, that is why Charlotte is wearing frilly socks with white sandals. Max is worse than she is when it comes to his opinions on what he wears.

We wound down the first week of school with happy kids. I think all in all the first week went well. Charlotte likes her class and Max tolerated his on Thursday.

Judd was out of town this past weekend. He went on a guys trip to Kansas City. They went to the UGA game on Saturday and the Falcons game on Sunday. So the kids and I were left to fend for ourselves over the weekend.

Saturday we played at the park and went out to lunch. Saturday afternoon I planned to take them to the pool, but ended up strolling around Target since it rained. They pressed all of the buttons on the trucks in the toy aisle for a while. I picked up a few things I didn't need. I good way to fill up some rainy day time.

Sunday we got a taste of Fall. Lower humidity, lows in the upper 50's. After church, lunch, and naps we went to one of our favorite places. A path that runs between two different parks. It winds through some woods. It is half boardwalk and half concrete. We played on the playground for a while, but then Charlotte got too hot. (This would not be the last bench she laid on yesterday afternoon)


I just love it back here. We walked, pushed scooters, climbed trees, and talked about everything Charlotte could think of.







After an half hour Charlotte couldn't walk a step more and laid out on this bench.


Max sat by her side.


but, then he was ready to go.


It was a simple afternoon, but one of my favorites.

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