Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm a soccer mom!



Today was Charlotte's first soccer game. She sported her pink soccer shorts with her jersey. She was SO excited. I braided her hair, helped her into her socks and shin guards, and laced up her cleats. I'm not sure who was more excited - Judd, Charlotte or me - it was probably me. I played soccer for years - from the time I can remember through my junior year of high school. I loved it, I want Charlotte to love it.

Judd's cousin Jen came to watch the game with us. We found the field, found her coach and watched her get some pre-game motivation.


Then after a little warm up, it was time to huddle in and shout, "Gooooo Tigers!"


She did awesome. The very first play of the game, she dribbled down the field and scored a goal! The first goal of the first game. She came to the sidelines and we were all so proud. We clapped told her how awesome she was and she said, "Ahh, it was nothing." Her smile was from ear to ear. She went on to score one more goal. She didn't back down, she wasn't afraid. She got right in there and got the ball.


During her time off the field, she sat in Jen's lap cheering on her team.


After the game all of the parents made a tunnel for the kids to run through. They LOVED this part.


She was a little disappointed that she didn't get a trophy at the end of the game. We had to explain that she got that at the end of the season.

We are excited to see what the rest of the season brings.


Drena said...

So fun! Go Charlotte! I bet she is going to be athletic!

Emily said...

We have got to get to a game. Charlotte looks like she could kick some butt!