Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend in Asheville

This past weekend we spent in a house in the woods near Asheville. The house was great and was able to accommodate all 15 of us comfortably, complete with a fireplace. We even roasted some smores on the fireplace Saturday night.

Saturday morning we woke up and went to a pumpkin patch to pick up a pumpkin and some apples. It was a beautiful day. We enjoyed driving through the mountains to the patch. Charlotte and Max picked out a great pumpkin for us.




(These three played, talked, and enjoyed each other's company all weekend. The house had two lofts above the bedrooms. I barely saw Charlotte all weekend. She and Lilly made a Clubhouse in their loft complete with a long set of rules. They stayed hidden up there for hours at a time.)


We had to take a ride on the Cow Train after picking our pumpkin.



After that lovely cow train trip around the orchard, we headed into the barn to pick up some apples. Charlotte made sure that we picked up some Granny Smiths to make some pie. (Just the day before she received an Amelia Bedelia book about making apple pie) Max picked some out just for Charlotte.



Sunday was a rainy day. Max woke up very cranky and pulled at his ear a couple of times. He also felt slightly warm to me. I ended up taking him to a Minute Clinic and got a prescription for antibiotics. He was out of sorts, but then took a 3 hour nap that afternoon. After that he seemed much better, though he was still running a fever. Sunday night was a little touch and go - he was up a lot more than usual.

We all just kinda hung out on Sunday. The ladies were able to sneak away for a little while for some shopping and Starbucks which was a nice treat.

Monday we packed up and headed out. I was sad to leave. I wished we had one more day to explore the area.

Here's one that Frank snapped of all of us on the last day.


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