Monday, November 12, 2012

Catch Up

I feel like I'm playing catch-up here a lot lately. Things have just been, well, busy. I have to clean the house about 100 times a day because you just never know when someone will call and want to look at the house. We've had some activity, but nothing serious yet. We've watched a couple dream houses go on the market and off within days while we wait for ours to get a bite. I've decided not to look anymore.


Someone doesn't have a pacifier in his crib anymore.


I put him down for a nap the day after he turned 2 and told him that he was a big boy and didn't need them anymore. I collected them all and left a screaming boy standing in a crib. A couple minutes later I went back into his room and rocked him for a while. I put him in his crib and he asked for a couple of trucks. That was it - he didn't ask for the pacifier again. We had a few rough nap times and a week of really early mornings, but overall he handled the transition very smoothly. It helps that he had the support of "white" and "blue" blankie, Mickey Mouse, and some trains and trucks to cuddle.

Charlotte ended her soccer season this past weekend. Judd's parents were able to come up and watch the game with us. She scored a goal. After the game she was awarded a medal. Although, her green cupcake seemed to trump any sort of award she could have received.

We are gearing up to host Judd's family at our house for Thanksgiving. We ordered a turkey and Judd is researching various ways to prepare one on the Egg. It will be our first time to host a Thanksgiving - we are looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to being in Atlanta for some black Friday shopping - the first time in 5 or 6 years!

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Carrie Beth said...

I was very interested in how you stopped the paci use. Hudson is becoming more and more attached to his each day and I am already dreading the day I have to take it away! Sounds like it went pretty smoothly for you all though. :-)