Thursday, December 27, 2012


On Saturday morning we packed our car and made our way down 75 to the lake. There was a lot more traffic than we anticipated and it took us a little longer than usual, but we made it around lunch time. Emily, Frank, Katie, and Lilly were there waiting for us with Judd's parents. Judd's grandparents came later in the afternoon.

I thought it might be fun to take the girls to go get Christmas pedicures, so Katie, Lilly, Charlotte, and I drove into town and found a nice spa chair to sit in. It was fun to hang out with them and be pampered for a few minutes.

Sunday we went to Grandmother Plymale's to visit with her and eat lunch. When we got back, we did one of my favorite traditions and decorated our cookies.

(I told Lilly I'd pay her a dollar to smile. Hmm, I think I forgot to give her that dollar)



It was this guy's first year to really participate in the decorating. He stuck with just one cookie and continued to apply icing over and over again to the very soggy cookie. He had fun - which is really all that matters!


On Christmas Eve we spent the afternoon at Aunt Tricia and Uncle Winston's house visiting with Judd's extended family. Then went back to Judd's parent's house and exchanged gifts. After the kids were all hopped up on new toys, we changed them into PJs and put them in the car to go back to our house.

We made it home around 10:30 PM Christmas Eve and transferred them into bed. Judd and I got to work setting everything out for Christmas morning.



We got started about 7:30 AM opening presents. We just took our time and played with stuff as we opened it. Max probably finished opening his stuff around 9:30 or 10:00. It took him forever. All he wanted to do was play with his new trucks. He was pretty cute when he would open a present, "Wook Daddy, Wook what I got." Charlotte was very good and gave us a big hug and said "Thank You" when she opened a present from us.



Max refused to sit for a picture, his sister didn't mind.


After presents, I made waffles with my new waffle maker. Judd cooked some bacon. We sat down and had a nice brunch. Since it was so rainy and yucky we stayed inside and played all day. We watched our new movies and just hung out. It was a really nice day. By the end of the day we wanted to get out of the house, so we went downtown Decatur and grabbed some dinner.

It was a great Christmas and one that I'll always remember!

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Monica Bradford said...

Can I ask where you bought the roller skates? I have a soon to be five year old who would love those for her birthday!