Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Last day of PreK

Charlotte attended her last day at our favorite little school last week. This was her third year there, and she was a full fledged celebrity walking the halls of that school each morning. She walked in with her shoulder's back, head held high.

She had a wonderful year this year. The kids in her class were so sweet as were all of their parents. She had numerous play dates and parties. Her teacher, Ms. Tameka, was amazing.

They had a little celebration to bid farewell to the biggest kids in school, the Seahorses, Dolphins, and Starfish. Our Charlotte was a Seahorse.


They each wore their tye-died shirts and received a certificate of completion.


Charlotte with Ms. Tameka.


I was a bit of a wreck after dropping her off for the last day. But pulled it together in time for the celebration. Max will go there next year, so it's not like I said goodbye for good.

It is so bittersweet watching your children grow. I couldn't be prouder of how ready she is for Kindergarten. But, I am having a hard time believing that this 2 year old little girl excited to be a grasshopper is big enough to go to Elementary school.

Watch out world.

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