Wednesday, May 15, 2013



The last few months have been filled with so many transitions. It seems Max, though, has been the one to go through most of them.

After the Christmas break, his teachers began to push potty training at school. I knew he wasn't ready, and didn't bother with pushing it at home. Plus, we were in the process of selling the house and moving and I knew it wasn't a good time to throw in another stressful project. He did, however, begin to use the potty just before bath time and started to use the potty at school some. He knew what to do, he just didn't really want to do it consistently.

Once we were moved and somewhat settled, he started to show a lot more interest and was going more at school. So, we decided to give it a whirl at home. Now, as far as potty training goes, Charlotte was a breeze to potty train. She was super motivated by M&M's and would do almost anything to get one. Max, however, is only somewhat motivated by treats. (In fact, he gave me his lollipop back the other day because he didn't want his hair cut) He is only somewhat motivated by a new car or truck. I knew I was going to have my work cut out for me.

It went OK for a week. But, he wouldn't go #2 in the potty. He wouldn't go #2 at all. He held it for 4 days. Finally, it had to come out, and when it did, I stuck him on the potty quickly and he went in the potty. He wasn't happy - he fought me and cried during. But, when he was done we clapped and made a big deal about it and then he went to WalMart and picked out a new truck. We made it! Right? Wrong.

He has only gone #2 in the potty 2 more times after that in the last 2 months. He still holds it for days. Then, when he has to go, we put a diaper back on, he whines and mopes around for a couple of hours, and then he finally goes. I change the diaper and he is on his way - a new kid.

I have tried everything - which may be part of the problem. I have ignored the situation. I have promised new trucks. I even purchased toys, wrapped them, put them where he could see them every day and told him he could have one if he went poop in the potty. It has been almost 4 weeks and they are still wrapped sitting on the mantle. Judd jokes that they will be graduation presents.

I would consider him to be fully trained with #1. He is even staying dry through the night. But, this #2 hurdle has been enough to have us both seek counseling. Actually, that's not a bad idea - do you know any mother/son poop counselors? Someone has to do that, right?

Max's other big transition has been that of a big boy bed. A couple of weeks ago I found an ad on craigslist for a set of Ethan Allen bunk beds with mattresses and matching Pottery Barn boy bedding. We rented a van, drove an hour, and picked up our treasures. The kids have LOVED the bunks.

Max said good-bye to his beloved "cribby" and made the transition very well. Charlotte has enjoyed sleeping on the top bunk and has slept there every night but two nights since we got them. Some nights we go in to check on them and she is down on the bottom bunk cuddled up with him. It is almost more than my mommy heart can bear.

Lastly, Max is beginning the process of dropping his nap. Every two or three days he still takes one, but a lot of days he doesn't. When he doesn't, bedtime goes much smoother, but afternoons can be a bit of a patience test. He likes to watch a show with his blankies and pillow. Then, I go in about half way through the show and find him sound asleep.

The last few months have also revealed to us this little boy that can now really express whatever thought he is having. He is so funny with his words and his expressions. He is saying so much more and his language is really exploding. He and I spent a wonderful morning together on Monday. We dropped Charlotte off at school and went to the playground and the Farmer's Market. He made me laugh over and over again. He was so sweet, held my hand, gave me hugs, told me he loved me out of the blue.

He's just plain awesome.


*Jess* said...

We actually had the same pooping issue with both our kids. For Jaina, we did wrapped present thing with no results. We literally just had to take diapers away cold turkey (she was 3 and had been potty trained with peeing for almost a year) and sit her on the potty when we knew she was going to go hide and try to put a pull up on herself. After two times of us just putting her on the potty, she realized that the sensation wasn't that bad. It was fine after that.

Then, with Jayce, he has autism and it was a completely different ballgame. He would only poop when he was sleeping. How do you work with that? I honestly don't know what the magic solution was, but he was 6 before he was out of pull ups at night because of the pooping issue. Just have patience!

Emily said...

This I sounds so familiar, Carrie. It will get better, I promise.