Thursday, November 4, 2010

Belly Button and other things


Max's umbilical cord fell off at 7 days old. But I noticed on Tuesday that it started to bleed a little bit. So we headed to the pediatrician yesterday to have it checked out. They cleaned it up and cauterized it. One of the blood vessels just hadn't closed up the way that it should.

Charlotte went with me to Max's appointment. When the nurse asked if this was her baby brother, she replied, "Yes, we have the best baby in the whole wide world". The kid knows how to charm.

Max was weighed before the doctor came to look at him - he was 8lbs 10oz! Guess I don't need to worry if he is getting enough to eat.

He has started to spit up the past couple of days. Charlotte was a spitter too. I'm wondering if I'm just not reading him correctly and feeding him when he is really just tired or gassy - then his little tummy is getting too full. I forgot just how much laundry the problem created, though.


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