Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We did it

We made it through our first day by ourselves - just Charlotte, Max, and I.

Judd's mom was supposed to be here this week through Thursday, but her mother went into the hospital on Sunday afternoon. It turned out to be more than an intestinal blockage and she was rushed into surgery yesterday. Nina left to go be with her mother. If you've been blog reader from the beginning, you may remember that her mother went into the hospital with an intestinal blockage the Sunday before she was to come stay with newborn Charlotte and I. What a coincidence.

Of course we missed having Nina with us, but knew that she needed to be with Grandmother Plymale. Grandmother Plymale is recovering in ICU this evening. We are all thinking of her.

Our day went well. It is after 6pm and I haven't showered, I have spit up all over my pants, and the house is a mess, but we are all pretty happy.

I took them both to the park today and considered it a successful outing. It was the first time I had both of them in the car with me. I kept looking in the rear view mirror and pinching myself - is this real? Do I really have two kids?

Charlotte was pretty good. I don't think we had one temper tantrum. She took a nap, Max took a nap, and I got to sleep for about 30 minutes. I consider that a pretty big success.

Then, Allison came riding up in her shining armor with a chicken pot pie for us for dinner around 5pm.

So, now Judd is home playing with Charlotte. I get a few minutes to update the blog. Max is swinging away, snoozing. We are all smelling the delicious dinner that we didn't have to prepare. All in all a great day.


Sara said...

Yeah for super fantastic Allison!
Hope Judd's grandma is doing ok this evening.

Carrie Beth said...

It only gets easier and easier with two, but it sounds like you are off to a great start!

Sally said...

Sounds like a fantastic day!!! Way to go mom and Allison.