Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Girl


She's adjusting to her new life, the new normal. She is a little more whiney, a little more needy, and her frustration point is lower than it used to be.

She "talked" to her brother for 10 minutes or so last night. (Judd spoke for Max to make it seem like he was talking) She told him about all the things he could do when he got bigger. But, she said, "I still have a lot of growing to do too".

I think we all do as we adjust to the new member.

I have my moments of guilt. I feel guilty for bringing this little guy into our lives and taking the spotlight away from Charlotte. I'm sure this is normal and will fade as they can play together and become friends (at least I hope they become friends).

But for now, I will just try to kiss, cuddle, and hug her as much as I can. Because, when you have a face like hers - it is impossible to look at it and not want to hug her tight.


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Emily said...

I love that sweet, funny girl. Tell her that her Aunt Emily says hi and can't wait to see her.