Monday, November 8, 2010


A sick toddler who got up at 5:15 AM. A newborn who also got up at 5:15 AM. Both didn't go back to sleep. There is one tired mommy in this house today. Good thing the Keurig is hot and ready to go - I'm gonna need more than one cup this morning. (Have I told you how much we LOVE our Keurig?)

Here are a couple taken the day he was 2 weeks. Don't you just love his little Superman curl in the front?




Drena said...

so pretty! He looks bigger in the photos than in person!

Sally said...

I see he still has all his hair! I can't wait to put it in a mohawk on Friday :)

Allison D said...

omigosh...those are such sweet photos. Love them.

Sarah said...

Love his hair!! He is so adorable!