Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day

Max was the first one up...patiently waiting for his cousins with Granddaddy.



Charlotte was the first one to wake up. She patiently waited for Lilly to wake by jumping on her bed saying, "WAKE UP LILLY SANTA CAME!!!". Katie didn't have to be persuaded, she got right out of bed. Finally Lilly came out from under the covers to open presents.

All Charlotte wanted this year was a suitcase, a robe, and slippers. Santa was good to her and brought her that and more. But, when she opened things that she didn't ask for she would look confused and say, "But I didn't ask for this."


She had a lot of fun, but was a little overwhelmed by it all and needed to take breaks throughout.


If there was a theme for this Christmas it would be "Dress Up". Lilly and Charlotte had a great time dressing each other up.


Then it was outside to try out the new scooter and helmet.


All of the cousins.


It was a ton of fun. Charlotte was a blast this year. Christmas was everything I expected and much more.


Emily said...

Fun!! We had a great time, and Lilly missed Charlotte lots after y'all left. Thanks for spending Christmas with all of us.

Sarah said...

OMG I love Charlotte's hair right out of bed! Very cute!! Connor got that same scooter, but I think he's a little young for it -- hasn't quite figured it out yet :)