Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

After Max's 2 month appointment on the 23rd, we packed up and headed down to Judd's parent's house. We unloaded the car and Charlotte immediately became attached to her cousin's hips. After Charlotte went to bed, Katie and Lilly helped me roll and cut the sugar cookies. Cookie decorating is now a tradition on Christmas Eve with my nieces. I love it.

After finishing a yummy breakfast of pancakes on Christmas Eve, we began decorating the cookies.



All of Judd's family came for a big Christmas dinner in the afternoon. The cousins hung out in the "cousin room" (the office, where they slept each night) waiting for everyone to get there.


Max was passed from arm to arm, but he didn't mind. I had to capture this image when I saw it:


because all I could think about was this image of Charlotte when she was 3 weeks old (Judd's Grandmother is even wearing the same shirt!):

Charlotte was very proud to be included at the big kids table during dinner.


After dinner, we were entertained by various songs and cheers that Charlotte and Katie performed for us. Then it was down to business - present opening time.

Charlotte was pretty tired after a very busy day with no nap and requested her bed time early. After picking out a few cookies to leave for Santa, she drifted off to sweet Christmas dreams.

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Al & Nina said...

We enjoyed the Christmas gatherings, activities, and all of the excitement more than I can say. It was truly a blessing. N