Monday, January 10, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

You would have thought a blizzard was coming the way the lines at Ace Hardware wrapped around the store with people buying ice melt, shovels, and sleds. Why even buy ice melt? So you can get out of your driveway? You can't go anywhere then. I don't get it.

We did get a solid 4 inches, which is pretty huge around here. Then, we got a nice sheet of ice on top of that. The roads are pretty bad. We haven't ventured out anywhere today.

We did, however, spend some quality time outside playing in the snow.



We were not those people waiting in line at Ace Hardware, so our poor little child had to "sled" on the recycling bin lid. It wasn't super fast as you can imagine. That's OK, though, Charlotte's not a "need for speed" type of kid.


After thawing out with some hot chocolate at a neighbor's house and Charlotte took a nap (Hooray!) it was time to do our gingerbread house. Yes, a gingerbread house on January 10th. When Judd made the obligatory blizzard trip to the grocery store for our bread and milk yesterday, he saw the gingerbread houses deeply discounted and bought one for us to do as an activity today.


So, rather than lend a hand with this messy activity, he and Max sat around and gave me pointers on how to construct the house.


After we were finished, Charlotte declared the house to be "kinda messy". I agreed.


It looks like we'll be stuck in the house again tomorrow. I'm pretty sure by Wednesday Judd will get to work by any means possible. I'm not sure why he wouldn't want to stay stuck in the house all day when you can look at faces like this:


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Al & Nina said...

Love the pictures. It looks like everyone made the best of the snow and ice and had fun together. N