Monday, February 7, 2011


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Maxwell has been an absolute joy to be around lately. He seems to have finally outgrown his fussy evenings. He will fuss around the 6 o'clock hour, but nothing like he used to.

Just in the last couple of weeks he has started to like his baths, rather than screaming at the top of his lungs the entire time until you got his pajamas on. (He could scream SO loud - you would think I was pulling his toenails off one by one.) Now he will splash, kick, and grin - and laugh at his sister's antics.

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Today he rolled over! He tried and tried for about 10 minutes. He would make it to his side, but then not have enough power to make it all the way to his tummy. Then, all of a sudden he did it. He fussed because he doesn't really like his tummy, and rolled back to his back.

He is really starting to reach for things and grab them. Once he is able to get an object in his hands, it immediately goes to his mouth. Not sure what is going on, maybe teething early, but the boy chews on stuff constantly. He drools through about 3 shirts a day - and this is even with wearing a bib!

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But, probably the best development of all is his giggle. He has a ticklish spot beneath his chin on his neck. About 50% of the time, he'll give you a little giggle if you tickle him. He'll also giggle if you kiss his neck, or surprise him.

Overall he is a relaxed, calm baby. He is sleeping well at night - averaging 12 hour nights with one wake up mixed in - usually between 2-5. However, he is capable of sleeping 12 hours straight - he's done it a few times. He's not a big napper and we're still trying to figure out a schedule for that.

I can't believe he is going to be 4 months in 2 weeks. He is really starting to show some personality. He is a great cuddle bug and nestles right into your shoulder. All he wants is to be held - and I can't really blame him. Truth be told, he gets held a lot more than Charlotte did. I just love this sweet boy to pieces.

(Don't mind the pink pillow he's laying on. It's nothing compared to the pink and purple butterfly Swaddle Me he sleeps in at night :) - just another side effect of having a big sister when you are a baby boy.)


Emily said...

His hair looks like it is getting lighter. What a sweet boy. By the way, if he sleeps 12 hours at night, it wouldn't be fair for him to be a good napper, too. I am looking forward to seeing all of you in a few weeks.

Al & Nina said...

These pictures are GREAT! What a sweet handsome baby. N