Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stats of a Three Year Old

Height: 37 3/4 inches - 50-75%
Weight: 36 lbs - 90%

Her vision check was great. She knows all of the things she's supposed to know. The doctor declared her almost perfect. I say almost, because she said I need to cut out some sweets - that little Charlotte is a touch over weight. I was a tad shocked when I learned this. I wouldn't know it by looking at her.

My immediate reaction was that this was a direct reflection on my parenting. I control what she eats, so it must be my fault. This was Judd's reaction too. However, after some thinking and sleeping on it for a night, I have calmed down about it.

We are cutting out 1% milk, going down to skim. We are cutting back on sweets around here. Meals are usually pretty healthy at our house, but I'm going to make an effort to have very little processed foods in the house and more natural snacks, etc. I can't cut out everything - my sweet tooth is as big as hers - we're just going to curb it a little more.

I am very paranoid about having an overweight child - it has been something I think about a lot. So, I think that's why this hit me a little harder.

Some thing she does at three:

- She can ride her tricycle like there's no tomorrow - she can ride it around our neighborhood (about 1 mile)
- She can recognize all of her letters, most of her numbers
- She can kinda count to 20, she gets a little mixed up in the upper teens
- She loves to have books read to her. She knows what some of the letter's sounds are.
- Loves music - everything music. She narrates her life in song almost every day.
- Very strong willed. Throws a tantrum with the best of them. She's throwing one now, in fact. Tantrums have started to ruin some of our afternoons - it's like walking on eggshells around her.
- Has a great imagination. I learn a lot about my mannerisms and sayings watching her play.
- Loves to do arts and crafts. We made Valentine's today for an hour.
- Says the most amazing things. I know that God speaks through her.
- Has a very large, caring heart. Is such a sweet child.


Carrie Beth said...

I'm shocked they said she was overweight. She looks perfectly healthy to me and I think I would have taken it the same way you did. I'm sure the little changes you described will make a difference though.

Alison said...

She looks perfect to me. Although she is very lucky to have a mother who is taking it seriously. Just wait until it gets warm out again and she can ride her tricycle even more!

Drena said...

OMG, that is the silliest thing I've ever heard. I do NOT think she is overweight at all. She is active and loves to play. I'm pretty sure I would have told the doctor where to go.

Sally said...

Charlotte looks great to me! If she is overweight than bubba is obese. I LOVE THAT LITTLE THREE YEAR OLD!!!!

Mel said...

That is ridiculous...I understand that childhood obesity is a problem but your little Charlotte is nowhere near being overweight, she is an absolutely normal little 3 year old!!

I am sorry that he said that to you but I wouldn't worry too much about it!!

m said...

She looks great! I would guess the small changes - or a growth spurt - will even everything out. Difficult to do, but would try not to lose anymore sleep on this one.

Ann said...

I think that is ridiculous too. Charlotte looks totally healthy. Abby went in for her apt today and was 39 inches and 40.5 pounds. Her BMI was normal and the pediatrician said nothing about her being overweight. Would think as long as she is active and not eating junk all day long, she will be fine...