Friday, February 18, 2011

Max & Mama

When you are a mom, especially a photographer mom, it is rare that you are in pictures with your kids. When you are a new mother, with a few extra postpartum pounds, it is even rarer. I met a friend at the pool this past summer that is a photographer, she also has a new baby boy. She asked me to come over this morning and we would take pictures of each other with our babies - to record some moments with them. I'm so glad I did.



Sure, I have about 15 extra pounds that I'd like to lose. But, if I didn't have pictures taken until I did that - I may never have pictures with my kids. I'm thrilled to have the pictures of Max and I - just how we were when he was almost 4 months. How we had a few mornings a week - just us.

Moms, get out there and get pictures made with your kids. Hand the camera to someone and get in front of it. Not only will you love having them, but they are images your children will love having when they are older.


Drena said...

so great! what a great idea!

Al & Nina said...

Love the pictures and your haircut. N