Tuesday, February 22, 2011

4 months


We don't have a doctor's appointment until Friday, so I'll have to wait until then to post his stats.

Basically, he's awesome. Sure, he cries and wants to be held all of the time, but what baby doesn't? Most of the time he is a happy, calm, chill baby.

At four months he is:
- smiling, A LOT!
- laughing
- rolls over both ways, but doesn't do it much. I know he can, but I just don't think he is very interested in moving around as much as his sister was.
- has slept 12 hours straight for the past 3 nights!!! (However, his sister has woken up each night in the middle of the night - UGH! think they are working together?)
- kind of has a nap schedule, but not too solid. I plan to work on this more over the next month. It is just hard when you have a toddler that has to be at school and wants to do other activities.
- grabs and holds toys, brings them to his mouth almost immediately
- had his first full blown cold last month. He handled it pretty well.
- slobbers all of the time
- still spits up after almost every meal
- exclusively breastfeeding - about 6-7 times a day.


*Jess* said...

I'm babysitting for an almost 4 month old (she'll turn 4 months next week) and she doesn't have a nap schedule down either! Some days she cat naps every 90 minutes. Other days she stays up for 2-3 hours and sleeps for an hour. I can't figure her out!

Alison said...

He is adorable, Carrie! And sleeping through the night? I need to take notes from you!