Tuesday, February 22, 2011


There is magic in being 3. There is magic in a beautiful evening, with the sun slowing going down with a cool breeze blowing through the backyard. There is magic in a pink blanket cape.

Charlotte wanted to stay in the backyard until Judd got home tonight. She wanted her cape on, so I tied it on for her. I left the back door cracked and could just hear her singing and singing at the top of her lungs. When I asked her what she was singing about she said, "Being sad and then having a Superhero help you."

I tried to sneak and take a picture of her through the window. I've found that as much as I'd like to capture moments like these, it is better not to disturb her. As soon as I appear, she seems stop pretending.


She sat like this for 15 minutes or so, just singing.

After, she came in and out, needing milk, or showing me the weeds she pulled. But, she stayed out there just walking around the backyard for over a half hour. One time, she came in and asked me to come out and take her picture. Music to my ears.


When you are 3, you can fly and be whatever superhero you want to be.


This little superhero makes me want to pull my hair out one day, then makes my heart burst the next. Just the magic of being 3, I guess.

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Allison D said...

She is such a crack-up.