Wednesday, March 23, 2011

5 months

Little man was 5 months old yesterday!


He really wants to go places these days, but his little legs just can't push him along like he wants them to. I don't think it will be long until he can army crawl around though. He can sit for a few seconds, but then falls over. He smiles A LOT, laughs a lot, and is just the cutest little thing.

We are making a little progress on solids. He has a tiny bit of lunch and some dinner. He's still not so sure about it all.

For the most part his sleeping is good. He usually wakes up once/night. He is always down by 7PM, and wakes up anywhere between 6:30-7:30 AM for the day.

He's turning out to be a very happy baby!

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Anonymous said...

that sounds just perfect! I am keeping a 4 month old (who will be 5 months in a week!) during the day and they seem to be right on track with each other! She's not too sure about this whole "rice cereal" thing either! But her mom is having fun trying!