Tuesday, March 22, 2011



My mother-in-law saved the day today.

Judd was out of town last week, sick over the weekend, and now out of town this week. So, I have spent a lot of quality time with my children recently. Judd's mom took pity on me and came to spend the day with us today.

Can I tell you how awesome that was? It was awesome. I really needed it. I didn't really know why I needed it until I sat down to write this post. I needed her help today, because I was really ready for someone to take care of me, to serve me. I just needed a mom. I'm worn out. I'm tired. I'm feeling a little beat down these days.

She didn't take care of me in the sense that she dressed me, cooked for me, etc - but she took care of my children today. My arms aren't sore tonight because they have been lugging a 16 lb baby around all day. My nerves aren't shot because I've been trying to hold off 3 year old tantrums all day. She took care of my kids and she let me take care of other things. But most of all, she understood what I needed and came and took care of it - just what a mom is supposed to do. I didn't even have to ask!

I'm reading a wonderful book, The Mission of Motherhood. Every time I pick it up, I'm inspired. The last section was about serving your children. Because, by serving your children, you are serving God. Wow. I hadn't thought about it that way before - but it puts a whole different spin on things.

I'm here to serve Charlotte and Maxwell. I'm here to meet their needs - physically and emotionally.

But, that doesn't mean that my needs don't need to be met too.

It's just the little things - like when Judd made all of us lunch on Sunday afternoon - he cooked, brought our plates to the table, then cleaned up. That was serving his family, and serving me - just a small gesture, but it gave me a few minutes to just sit and enjoy my children without having to worry about if the sandwiches were burning on the griddle while Max was screaming in my ear.

It's also in a mother-in-law that knows what you need, knows your mom is too far away to be there (even though I know she would love to be here), and just comes in and helps you.

Because even moms just need "a mom" every now and then.


Sarah said...

Love this. So well-written. I'm so glad someone was able to care for you today! And I love that book! Someone gave it to me when Kathryn was young and I thought it was great.

Carrie Beth said...

Sounds like a great book...I'll have to check into that. I feel like I always need to remind myself to serve my kids. It's hard when you are the one home with them all day and you are so right that it is great to have someone give you a break every now and then. Glad you got that today!

Alison said...

Thanks for mentioning that book. I read the reviews on Amazon and it seems to touch on things I have been thinking a lot about recently and trying to focus on. I will definitely be picking that one up. I am glad you got a little break!

Drena said...

Moms make the world go round. Glad you had one take care of you.

Good post.