Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Birthdays

Last weekend we spent enjoying beautiful weather down at the lake. We got there Friday just in time to spend a little while "fishing" before the sun went down. They don't call that last hour of the day "The Golden Hour" for nothing. I didn't have my camera with me when we went down to the dock, but when we got there I just couldn't stand it, I HAD to go get my camera. The light was so beautiful.


I made poor Granddaddy pose for a picture :)



Enough posing, time to fish.


Saturday, the family got together for lunch to celebrate birthdays. It was Granddaddy Davis's, Emily's, and Charlotte's birthday in February. We had a yummy lunch complete with cake and ice cream. It was just warm enough to try the jet ski. The water was pretty cold when it hit your legs and Charlotte wanted to turn around after about 2 minutes down the creek.


The rest of the weekend was spent visiting. Charlotte hung out with her cousins most of the time. They are becoming fast friends. Katie does Charlotte's hair and Lilly keeps Charlotte entertained with pretending. An hour can go by that I don't see Charlotte - she's just there playing and playing.


Enjoying a pancake dinner Saturday night.


I'm really looking forward to this summer spending some weekends down there!


Emily said...

It was a beautiful weekend. We had a great time with all of you and I really enjoyed getting some quality "Max time".

Al & Nina said...

We enjoyed so much being with all of you. It was a great weekend. N